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  • Nicotine Free Heated Cigarette Sticks

    Quitting smoking is no easy feat. Many who try it tend to get lured back into that nasty habit within days or weeks of giving it up. While going “cold turkey” has proven to be effective for some people, having a replacement for cigarettes, at least in the initial stages of the quitting process, greatly …

  • Smoke-Free Alternatives to Smoking Cigarettes

    There’s no denying it, smoking is on the decline. This is great news for public health authorities, as smoking-related diseases are some of the leading causes of death worldwide. There are believed to be over 250 harmful chemicals generated by smoking tobacco, many of which are carcinogenic. However, for some people, smoking isn’t just a …

  • The Benefits of Heated Tobacco & Non-Tobacco Alternatives

    The current trend in the evolution of modern technology is all about solving serious problems and helping with bad habits that endanger billions of people daily. Of course, one of the major problems that the world faces today is cigarette smoking and all the health problems that go with it. Thankfully, the latest technologies are …

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