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NEAF’S Technology

Are herbal sticks products popular?

Sales of tobacco-based industry products are substantial and rapidly growing in Japan, where they account for approximately 5.5% of the cigarette market according to the most recent estimates. Other territories, including Russia, China and many European countries are now seeing a steady rise in the usage of similar products and usage is expected to continue to expand globally as the technology becomes better known. At present in the UK, however, knowledge and usage of these products is low. A recent survey found a very low usage among their sample in the UK, with many people having not heard of the new devices at all. This is likely to change in the future as these products become more commonplace in the UK & central European markets.

What is different about NEAFS technology?

Given much of the harm caused by smoking is a result of the by-products of tobacco combustion, it is believed that NEAFS products are less harmful than smoked tobacco, given they do not possess this combustion element. At present however, there is insufficient evidence to reach this conclusion as many of the leading brands still rely on tobacco as the core ingredient. In addition, almost all the research on the industry that currently exists has been undertaken by the tobacco industry. Because of the history of the tobacco industry’s manipulation over scientific and medical evidence, additional testing on the long term use of the technology is being pursued.

Do NEAFS Contain Tobacco?

NEAFS use herb and tea leaves to create the Stick. This tobacco-free mixture is steeped in synthetic nicotine – the same substance commonly found in electronic cigarette liquids (eliquids). The device gently applies heat via a heating utility that pierces the stick at the base when it is inserted into the device. By eliminating the tobacco, NEAFS herbal sticks avoid the harmful toxins that are synonymous with tobacco smoking, while giving us the opportunity to create a more flavourful nicotine delivery experience by adding a wide range of flavours to the base leaf mixture.


NEAFS Sticks are the new nicotine delivery system enabling smokers to overcome their reliance on cigarettes. NEAFS are made with herb & tea leaves and are heated to release nicotine by using a special devices, rather than being burnt as with conventional cigarettes.

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