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Tobacco Reviews

At NEAFS we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We are pleased to offer a product that is changing people’s lives and love to read the customer testimonials that we receive daily. If you have comments or a success story to share please leave us your NEAFS or heated tobacco review below.

Original and Coffee taste are perfect suits me, and there’s not have any tobacco left in the device, I never clean my device but it can work normally.



There are very good and full of favor and it's very good that there are nicotine free or if you prefer you can get 1;5 nicotine and been tabcoo free is grate



Fantastic! I love it


Laszlo Szabo

Seems to be working. Phase 2 - of the heets! Looking forward to going nicotine free!


Hazel Sturt

Excellent flavour and very glad that there are no tobacco.


Renata Kremeriene

Great alternative to vaping and enjoying the menthol sticks! I haven't been tempted to smoke cigarettes since



Excellent product easy to charge and the menthol flavour is really good. Very pleased with the starter kit.



I can say that I was looking forward for this new formula made out of tea leaves. I loved the first sticks I tried, I could feel the mint and icy feeling on the throat. But Later it just couldn’t enjoy it any longer as the flavour seems like a perfume sticks in my mouth. I wouldn’t say is disgusting but totally different and strange. I came from few years of normal cigarets smoker to Hees ( about a year on Heets until now). Trying this tea leaves alternative after Heets did not only take me off those but I dislike inhaling anything now really. I feel like this product is meant to help you quit smoking not to keep you enjoying it.



Tried these for the first time and I'll be testing out the other flavours. The taste replicated the description and made the hole experience a pleasure. Amazing, I'll be trying the other flavours.



Switched to Neafs from the usual cigarettes as i didn't really get on with juice vaping, and I wanted to get away from tobacco. This has been a real game changer. well done Neafs, cant believe how similar it is to a cigarette. keep them coming !!


Richard King

I received the device yesterday. The TEO looks great. Compatible with my HEETS sticks indeed and works perfectly with my nicotine free NEAFS sticks. Good choice to quite tobacco. I like it.


David Preston

These have been around in Portugal for ages but never seen here till now, my friend there has used them for a few years and I did try one, they do take a little getting used to the flavour of course is different as they are made from tea leaves, but once you get used to them its great, was so happy to see them here s wanting to stop and these you feel you still had a smoke, at least they are less harmful and easy to use, the artridge goes into the machine once you press it 5 times it heats and beeps pop it in and off you go , it does only last about 5 minutes but that for me is fine, very pleased to finally found them here was going to get abroad but they cost a lot more there!


Anna H.

Hi everyone. I ordered weeks ago this.
Absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend. Much better than so many brands .



I must admit that I find the TEO a very good device, it has a really good delivery. it is so much better than the IQOS.


Kevin Hogg

I’ve been trying to stop smoking for a while now and I have tried all types of vapes but they don’t cut it. Once I found this heating device it’s so much better, it feels like a cigarette smoke but there is no sleep. Definitely recommend for people trying to stop smoking.


Elias Muntean

Switched from heets to neafs to finally get away from Tobacco. Was blown away by the flavor, I couldn't believe I liked it better but its true I think the teabacco formula they use does provide a better flavor profile


Steve McLaughlin

“I have just had my first Neafs delivered and I’m am so impressed. I have been a user of Heets for years but will be switching to Neafs as they honestly taste better. Thank you


Gary Rose

“Love being able to be apart of reviewing it's fun love the site am the people that do this they are wonderful


Brandy Green

“Excellent alternative to both tobacco and cigarettes. The tea leaf base captures flavours better than the tobacco sticks I have tried. Nicotine hit is the same. Sticking with NEAFS sticks!


Sam Marks

"Ottima alternativa al tabacco e alle sigarette. La base di foglie di tè cattura i sapori meglio dei bastoncini di tabacco che ho provato. L'effetto della nicotina è lo stesso. Rimanere con i bastoni NEAFS!

Sam Marks

heated alternative

Live With NEAFS @neafsofficial

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