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NEAFS Menthol Nicotine Free Sticks – Pack (20 Sticks)


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Product Overview:

  • NEAFS Menthol Nicotine-Free Sticks
  • Refreshing and crisp menthol taste
  • 100% tobacco-free and nicotine-free
  • One pack contains 20 NEAFS heated sticks
  • 1.2ml e-liquid per pack / 0.06ml per stick
  • No tobacco, No ash, No lingering odour
  • Only minimal cleaning required

Enjoy your favourite menthol heated tobacco experience nicotine-free. With our NEAFS Menthol Nicotine-Free Sticks, it’s possible.

Featuring that classic crisp and refreshing menthol taste, our nicotine-free heated sticks are sure to satisfy your menthol cravings. It’s a pure menthol experience right at your fingertips.

Not only are our NEAFS Menthol heated sticks nicotine-free, but they’re also 100% tobacco-free. Does it mean they lack the taste of their tobacco-based counterparts?

On the contrary.

Using a premium tea blend as a tobacco alternative, our NEAFS sticks provide an authentic heated tobacco experience that’s both healthier and more convenient compared to other popular brands.

First, NEAFS sticks contain a much lower level of harmful chemicals commonly found in heated tobacco products. Secondly, they don’t produce any smoke, smell, ash, or tar associated with tobacco-based products.

In other words, NEAFS is your perfect tobacco and nicotine-free alternative!

Available online and in more locations soon!

Total Qty = 20 NEAF Sticks

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Industry best battery20 sticks per charge


Tobacco freeNo tobacco

Heated Tobacco

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Why Choose

Each NEAFS Stick contains a special blend of tea leaves, gently steeped in nicotine and a range of flavours.

Compatible with many devices, the NEAFS Stick offers a fantastic alternative nicotine delivery system to conventional cigarettes, avoiding the release of toxins that are created when a cigarette is burnt.

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